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Entry #2

Music Sheet for Colour My World

2010-01-17 01:38:19 by liluxiaorealnew

Thanks for MaX787 who transcribed piano sheet for colour my world. there are some minor differences but its not a problem. Download link : 9f4e93b8f/

Thanks for MaX787


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2010-01-17 07:31:05

thanks for the sheet, this song is truly amazing.


2010-01-24 05:21:59

Finally :D Thanks a lot!


2010-02-01 01:52:36

What is going on? I can't seem to download the sheet!


2010-02-01 17:23:44

dude u play awesome


2010-02-09 05:32:39

Could you also make someone create sheets for colour my fate too?


2010-02-26 19:28:16

The music sheet for colour my world and Colour my fate Are Freaking AWESOME!!!


2010-04-27 22:45:11

Hey, do you have a website, myspace, facebook or somewhere else where I can listen to your work? Maybe buy a song or two?


2010-09-21 15:45:06

i love this song and thanks for telling us about the sheet music! you treuly are amazing (truely i thinks spelled wrong :| lol)


2010-10-30 12:12:59

hey, a little French would ask you (if you agree) if you could pass it partitions color my fate. They are great! : )


2010-10-30 12:14:08

of if you can.


2011-10-22 20:10:52

hello, I'm from Brazil I liked the music (Colour my fate) this was one of the few songs that made %u200B%u200Bme cry, I started playing piano because of this song this song is at the top of my list can you please post the sheets ^ ^


2012-04-30 14:24:42

for anyone who can't download the file, I think zshare (the thing liluxiaorealnew is using to distribute the sheetmusic) is offline now, so the download won't work
:/ me sad...


2012-06-10 19:26:09

I loved all your work in the Colour My World series <3 c:


2012-07-16 22:54:31

The link brought my hopes up. Your songs are so lovely and serene, and they give the Color My series a touching voice. Sad that the link isn't working. :'(