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Comments (21)

It's a beautiful piece man, good job with it!

hey man, all i can say is, i downloaded colour my world and i listen to it all the time, its beautiful dude! i listen out for music like this alot and i was playing the game and just stopped after about 20 secs of playing and jsut listened to it.

you hade a huge impact on me dude =]
keep it up


Awesome song you made.

i love this song! its one of the best songs-maybe the best in a flash game i ever heard!

That song is brilliant. Keep up the good work.

Oh Please! Can you also load the song of "Color My Heart"? Please! They are so wonderfull, to make me cry the first time i listen them <3!

I literally, have been listening to this song for about 6 hours now.. It's so soft sounded, and just perfectly pieced together with the timing and where the notes are.. It's just amazing. If you ever, get the time to make this into sheet music, Please.. please send it to me because it truly is a magnificent piece and I would love to get the chance to learn it. I truly honour you sir.

dude this song is amazing, I'm listening to it for like, an hour now it's beautiful. you should put it on like, playlist.com or sell cd's or something

Hello! visto che sono italiana e il mio inglese è pessimo preferisco non fare delle figure scrivendoti in english.
mi sono iscritta a questo sito solo per complimentarmi con te per la musica di colour my world.
mi fa venire i brividi, è mervigliosa...
spero che tu abbia msn, questa è la mia mail: giumicioccolos@hotmail.it
fatti sentire se componi dei nuovi pezzi!


excellent piece you created, you have talent

hey lil can i ask u something !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can u get me the piano notes for the piano plz its beautiful

I just played the game, and i like the music soo much, i have just left the game on the hear the music over and over, just to hear the music
Great song played with loads of emotion, real nice
All the notes, played so softly fitted with each stage of the game, really hope to hear more,

It would be much appreciated by everyone. Very nice work with the song.

man the song of colour my world is just amazing i dont stop of listening is beatiful but brings me good and bad-sad memories ): :) great work

you have to send me that music sheet really i need something new to play on the piano send me a message

You should make more songs like "Colour My World"

this song makes me want to cry. OMG...i looove it.

ps: you need to get this on itunes so people can download it.

Sign me up for a copy when you're done, it's a beautiful piece and i'd love to have some sheet music and your permission to give the music to my school music director ^.^

wow i know you dont know me, but i gotta say, i am really proud of you, im sam, 16 yrs old. this game of yours is amazing... i just lost the one i love, his parents made him break up with me n my ex's friends tryed to hook him up with a past gf whos obsessed with him, think of it as forbiden love. anyway, the music, is outstanding, n idk what it was, but something just called me to play this game. it says so much. n the quotes you have and metephors are just unbelievable. please keep the work up its amazing. btw u got a kick ass guitar n pianno. ive always wanted to learn haha. my friends want me to do american idol so im doin wht i can for that. not just for myself. but josh (my ex) has a dream, hes got real tallent, n my friends all struggle, along with my family, n i promised to do wht ever i can to lift them up. josh n i made a promise, n even tho he broke his due to change n everything. i continue to keep mine. as i always say. i NEVER make a promise unless i know i can and will keep it. sorry for the long message btw. im just fastinated by your work. haha its so late at night n i just cant leave this game hahaha. wooooww i know i know. lol ttyle sam. if ya ever wana talk my email is dogs411@comcast.net! sry i like to get to know people. wht can i say. ps: id love to hear more

If you could also upload the song for "Color My Heart" that would be AWESOME!!

Epic music! <3

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